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1. How do I prepare for my first visit? 

For your first visit, please bring a list of supplements, prescription and non prescription medication that you have taken within the last 12 months. It is also beneficial to bring any recent imaging and/or blood work results. This additional information will help your overall health assessment. If you are unable to bring the laboratory results it will not impact the overall assessment or future visits. 

2. What can I expect in the first visit?

The first half of the visit will be spent on throughly going through your intake form, laboratory results and overall health assessment. I will be asking you questions as it pertains to your health concerns to get your individual health picture. The second half will consist of a physical examination and treatment protocol which will be prescribed and/or performed at the end of the visit. Treatments may include and is not limited to the following: botanical tinctures, nutritional support, homeopathy, mental-emotional support, acupuncture, spinal/soft tissue manipulation and lifestyle counselling. In more complex patients, further lab testing is required to gather more information on their health. Naturopathic Doctors can order majority of the lab tests ordered by a Medical Doctor (MD), therefore we can order additional laboratory work if need be. At any point during the visit you may ask me questions regarding the treatments as it pertains to reaching your health goals. 

3. Could I experience any side effects with my treatment?

Very rarely will you experience any negative side effects. However this depends on a variety of factors such as: 

- Your past medical history

- Any concurrent illnesses

- Ability to digest and detoxify medications

- The timing of taking certain supplements

-  Stress 

- Exposure to environmental and infectious toxins

If at any point you experience symptoms or have concerns please email me at

In a case of emergency, please go to your nearest walk-in clinic or hospital. If you are uncomfortable with any treatment you may discontinue at any time. 

4. Is Naturopathic Medicine covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan)?

Naturopathic Medicine is not currently covered by OHIP. It is covered fully or partially by most insurance providers. This varies with each insurance provider therefore it is best to confirm with them if you have health benefits.


Naturopathic Medicine does not fit into the current health care system as it is, which is heavily burdened. Because it is free, there are high wait times causing the average patient and doctor interaction to be 5-10 minutes long, with most clinics only allowing for 1 health concern per visit. There is increased wait time for specialist appointments as well as for laboratory and imaging consultations. Due to high demand, many patients feel lost navigating the system and may feel their health concerns are not being heard.


If you would like a comprehensive look at your health by a regulated licensed health care provider, seek further, more specialized lab testing and explore modalities outside pharmaceuticals to focus on not only healing but preventing further ill health, Naturopathic Medicine may be an option for you.

5. Can I contact you if I have questions about my treatment?

Your treatment is individualized to address your specific concerns according to the comprehensive intake and physical exam conducted during the initial visit. Even in subsequent visits there may be additional exams done to further fine tune the treatment. There is a lot of information (both accurate and inaccurate) on the internet that may incite some questions in you, however due to the complexity of each person's health, it is better to have an in person meeting to discuss questions about treatments. We can discuss the multiple factors that went into formulating your treatment as well as any other concerns. My priority is to never treat you as a number, and only provide treatment specifically tailored to effectively address your health concerns. 

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